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branches full of the next in line -- bit blurry

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I just now had a look at your other suet cake holder, "tail block" seems indeed a good name for it. The birds can rest their tail on it for balance. Mine has ridges for their claws for a better grip. The birds will be happy with both designs:))))))
I`m happy for you that two chickadees had a feed on it, other birds will follow!!!!!!!


I just saw that feature on yours that you mentioned. I looked at it on your puzzle titled "kauw in de sneeuw." A bit different but probably a similar idea. ; )


The one with the board below the suet cake is seen in the puzzle "a new feeding station." AND, that is the one my husband moved to outside our dining room window, AND we had two chickadees on it while we were having lunch today. Hurray!! ; ) Can you tell I have very happy about that. LOL


Then de suet holder with the clever designs looks like the one I`m using??? It`s visible in a lot of my bird-puzzles. There is wood below the case, with ridges on it, for birds like woodpeckers and nuthatches to have a better grip. We call it a "spechtenplank" (woodpecker-board).


As to the count, some are partially hidden by a branch but I can recognize some of the features. I think in one spot a chickadee is partially hidden for example. However, when I counted just now I am not finding 17 now. Did some fly away since I last counted?? LOL


Thank you, Schutkleur, sometimes there isn't a good time to repeat a photo if the subject moves. ; ) Yes, suet is still not a favorite.

However, not all the birds here go to the suet cakes. I would expect that the nuthatch, the redbellied woodpecker, and the downy would. I would think that the cardinals would also. Maybe they have been to that feeder and we haven't seen them.

My husband noticed that there were some chunks missing in the one that doesn't have the yellow roof over it. He did move the hook/pole closer to the seed feeder and put the suet cake which is in the holder with the yellow roof on the shorter hook/pole. We have two, and he just switched locations of the two. The other suet holder has a clever design, a part of the wood hangs below the cage, and it is called a "tail block" or something like that. It is supposed to make it easier for the "clinging type birds, woodpeckers, to use.


It`s a great photo Roseheather!! I counted some 14 birds. That you counted 17 is probably because you knew aproximately where they were?? I dont`t mind that it`s a bit blurry.
How about the suet?? All these birds waiting for the bluejays to go, while there`s a bloc of suet right in front of them???? They still don`t trust it???


Yes, gnt, it is blurry, I was getting a bit tired of balancing on a small stepladder to see through the upper part of a double hung sash window.

However, the birds on the feeder tray are huge, so yes, they are bluejays, and they aren't nearly as blurry as the shrub branches, loaded with birds in the background.

After solving the puzzle I could count at least 17 birds in those branches, waiting to come next to the feeding tray, and that is why I posted this, even if it was blurry from balancing fatigue. I certainly didn't post it because it is great photography, but because it captured so many birds waiting to eat this am.


Pic is so blurry can't even tell what birds they are I think maybe bluejays but not sure???


They're very fortunate birds!