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I Forgot! lol

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Found a couple of these coming back up in my little flower area in front of the house.
Giggles forgot what they are called.


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Tex, I do remember them getting these reddish blooms on them. that is part of the stalks that are still there. I couldn't recall what they was and I had planted 2 of them a few years back. The other one is like 5 times bigger than this little one. but it is still full of the dead stalks sticking up from them. Things kinda got over grown, I need a handsome gardener :)
They seem to have a few cool names. Thanks Sparjoe :)

If they have a pinkish flower late in summer or early fall, I think they are called Live Forever.


Lyndee, it is Autumn Joy, and it has a pretty red bloom cluster in the fall. I have some of this growing in an old crock pot and it just sticks its little head up every year with little or no care. So hardy.


Love that name for them. :) Thanks Chickie


They are Autumn Joy Celeste.


Thank you Lindaisling :) I have a few of them this was the one with the most green

LOL .. Gnt.. you goober.. giggles yups your right tho..


I remember they are called plants ..... see how easy it is ??? great pic Celeste :))) LOL


They are some kind of sedum. Hens and chicks are one type of sedum. I think that this may be a tall variety though and Hens and chicks are ground hugging types. My husband always calls sedums "moonplants" because they make him think of science fiction plants. :)


Thanks BML :) I have a hard time keeping up with what is what.. laughs

Looks like a plant called "Hens and Chicks". The hens are the large ones and the chicks usually appear on runners from the main plant. That's what my plants looked like when i grew them.