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Folgefonna, Norway.

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As we were walking on the ice, we suddenly - and it was SUDDENLY - were in the middle of a snowstorm, which caming whirling down from the upper parts. We could hardly see a hand in front of us and hurried back to where we hoped the car was, got inside and started driving backwards. The snowstorm howled around us and we were almost blown down the road, that very suddenly had become icy and very slippery. After a couple of hundred yards we were out of it and took this photo of the glacier which became visible again. I wonder whom up there that we had offended!!


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There are awfully many who think so, Varda, and E6, the socalled Europe-road is SO narrow!! If we visit Norway we go in from Sweden to use the Norwegian roads as little as possible!! Thanks so very much!!


I think I would confine my travels in this landscape to the middle of summer.


Yes, Ardy, we were dressed in lots of warm clothes, you simply had to when you put your nose outside the car!! So in that way there were no problems. We have known and experienced for many years how fast the weather can change in the mountains, but this was the fastest ever!! Thanks so very much!!

So were we, it was so strange to sit and look back at it just a little down the road!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Indeed a very big WOW. This was dangerous scare. No pleasant surprise. Well, the one who was offended, yet got pity and let you go safely. Glad you came out safe.


I had started writing a comment and my power went off for only a few seconds I guess but enough to shut down the computer. Back now to this photo. Hoe scary that was. You probably weren't dressed for that kind of happening either. How fortunate you could get back to your car and get out of the storm. Thanks for sharing.