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Manor House, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire. Photo by Stephen Richards

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The Princes Risborough Manor House has actually been standing for hundreds of years. It is actually referred to as ancient because the date places on it are only tentative, but we know that it was given to Richard, Earl of Cornwall, in 1272. It indeed has a long and storied history that involves many of the members of the Tudor Royal Family. However, the Princes Risborough Manor House they stayed in is no longer there. Although the site of the house is ancient, this building is effectively the second coming of the house. It was built in the 17th Century in the red brick style that was popular back then, if not affordable because it was the newest fashion as well!

If the outside of the Princes Risborough Manor House is not impressive enough, the interior will stun you when you step inside. There are gorgeous oak staircases adorning the entrance hall, panelled rooms, plaster moulding and vibrant texture patterns to set it all off. The interior design really works and gives the Princes Risborough Manor House a real importance. Do not expect to see all of the house though because a family actually lives there and has its own quarters. Regardless though, you will see everything you thought it would be!


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The property looks well maintained but it's the council tax that would go through the roof plus all the other utility bills. Lovely dream though GMAJANET...Sue

This is gorgeous. I'd love to have a house like it (and the money to keep it up).


I wonder what happened to the original Manor. This is a great looking house and like you Joyce I really like it, chimneys and all. Thanks...Sue


It's fabulous, every inch of it!!! I love this style house and more so when it's brick. The high wall and the gate are wonderful and you know I love the fat chimneys. Many thanks for this one Sue!!! :))))))
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It would have been nice to see the original house too.


Hi everyone, I've just put a snippet about the Manor house in the info box.
The house is lived in Denise. I did read the Manor is open from Spring to Autumn for one day a week but the information may be out of date.
Anyway I'm glad you all found this place interesting. Thanks...Sue


Gorgeous house! Just the way I like 'em!


ivy and red brick - hard to beat that combination! Thank you Sue


Huge house, I can count many windows. Is this still in use sue?


Lovely home; like the brick "columns," thanks Sue!