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Little Girl Reading Winnie The Pooh To Her Teddy Bears, By Adrian C. Murray

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Adrian C. Murray, was born on October 17, 1985 in Idaho Falls, ID. He began falling in love with photography while in his first year of dental school. He eventually left his pursuit of dentistry to help his wife raise their oldest special needs son and pursue photography. He shares four children with his wife.

His photography expertise in catching children in every day events, has become well known.


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Hi Dollfriend! Yes I've been in another world for a while but like the bad penny . . . :)). You are going to have to stop that hard work in heat and humidity! You will keel over! Work hard inside instead where it can be cooler! Hugs back, Barb. PS Yeah, I miss Oynot, too, so do a lot of others!


Barbara, I looked for you, I think you got lost. Well, I didn't let the loaf of Pumpkin bread
go to waste, I ended up sharing with a neighbor. You should have typed @oynot,
maybe she would have stopped by and you both could have come to my house.

Barbara, this has been quite a week, hope you are fine. I almost got the front yard
mowed this evening, it got dark on me, plus it was so humid, I felt that I was going
to pass out, I sat out on the grass until I felt I could put the electric lawn mower away.
Oh, I am going to have someone mow my yard again this year, as it is too much for me.
But I thought I could get away with it. I will have to go back out tomorrow evening
and finish it. I have a long story about this week but will save it for later. I am off to
dreamland. Hugs, Doll


Ca n we warm it up in the morning? I'll be there! Thanks for thinking of us. Wish we could get oynot too


Thanks Isaly, Carolina 03189 and Bjresh,

Thank you so much for the visit, comment and solve, stick around I am hoping to
make a loaf or two of Pumpkin Bread later on today, I have coffee and tea. :-)



Very sweet little girl with teddy bears! Nice, too, to see a fellow Idahoan receive kudos, and such a young one, too! Thanks Dollfriend!

Thanks for the share Doll collector. Lovely puzzle for me to complete today.


This is so sweet. I love it!

Lovely image beautifully presented

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