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The Grounds Keepers

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Mr. Quinn and my hubby think alike. I told him about my message and he said that it sounded more like a squirrely side of Marshall. Great minds!

I was going to say that I wasn't on the board either, but then I noticed that I haven't done this one yet! RH


Mr. Quinn thinks its a squirrely puzzle I tried to get on the leaderboard but I was too slow. Our Little Bit (cat) will sit under the feeder watching the birds we are waiting to see her try to jump in it! Mrs. Quinn.


Thank you Texasstar7, Healer, Puzzaddled, Schutkleur and A3ana.

Texasstar7 -- oh, they most certainly can climb poles. That is the reason for the squirrel deflector on the pole. We now have more problems with themdropping from a nearby far-reaching branch. We try to keep the branches trimmed but sometimes one gets ahead of us. I once put that spray Pam on a pole, and what fun to see the squirrel start up, slide down, start up, slide down. It finally gave up and went and laid on our picnic table. Trying to figure out why it couldn't climb the pole it had climbed only a day before. ; )

Puzzaddled -- oh, yes, the squirrel deflector works very well. It is too long for them to be able to get a hand-hold onto the top of it, from the pole. It was only a problem when a branch of the shrub was too long and made a handy jumping off point to the top of the deflector.

Schutkleur -- yes, these are grey squirrels, and it is the two main colors of them, grey and black.


Wonderful rose al these squirrels.


What a beautiful view of your garden Roseheather. Love to see the squirrels. These are grey squirrels???


Does your squirrel "dam" work, Rose? They can be so imaginative and agile at getting around so many barriers to getting to the bird-feeder itself. I've even seen some attempt to fly! They do make me smile, though. Enjoy the snow! (Michelle)


I too enjoy waatcing the furry little critters. Nice photo roseheather.


Can they climb the poles? This is a great pic, fun puzzle. Thanks.


Thanks, Plumpossum and PLG.

Actually they do a good job of picking up the seed that is tossed out or accidentally dropped. We have had 4 or 5 crows at a time also gleaning the seed from around the base of the feeder. The squirrels are welcome, on the ground. We do object to any making their way onto the tray itself. ; )


LOL! Thanks, RH!


Rascally little freeloaders!