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from today's newspaper

9 pieces
101 solves
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made me LOL


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LOL! Thanks, Warbler! (I hardly use the piano I have. Wouldn't know what to do with another one!)


I have 10 player piano rolls you can have if you get the piano. Lets see, thats just about 1 zillion pounds per roll for your effort. :-)


That's wonderful Colin! I did giggle! Here's a link if anyone else would like to hear it:


I really think you should listen to Bernard Cribbins sing "Right said Fred", Patti. Guaranteed to make you giggle!


Wow, RH -- what a story! Thanks!


I have known several player piano players! ; )

But I am groaning just thinking about moving one.

We had a player piano which was my husband's mother's. They weigh so much! My husband took everything he could off of it when we moved it from her house to ours. The keys were numbered, something we didn't know about before, and reminded me of the Foghorn Leghorn line about keeping his feathers numbered for just such an occasion as ...

We had it in our garage for at least a year and then daughter got some of her high school friends to come to help get it to our basement. A friend of ours brought a block and tackle. It wasn't easy, but they had gravity on their side. Afterward, we did some paneling in our basement and had a short railing installed on one side of the staircase on the room side, and it included a finial -- but it was not installed so it could be easily taken down. We didn't plan on having to take the piano back out, I guess.

When we moved, the movers came short handed and knocked a hole in some of the paneling in their efforts to get it back up the stairs. A real nightmare. The people coming into our house wouldn't want paneling with a hole in it! The movers also damaged some of the wood on the piano. Needless to say I sent a bill to the moving company for repairs! It was hard to understand why they didn't call for extra help instead of three men trying this on their own. Aargh! The paneling had knots in it, and the father of one of buyers thought he could fashion a fix by taking a knot from other wood, and insert it into that damaged area. I never learned how they did make the repair.


Only a player piano player could play it, PG!


They never could play that large piano Patti.


Thanks, Morris -- glad you enjoyed it too. :)


that is funny, Patti! thanks fore sharing.


LOL Suzy, Nellies and Snooker! Thanks for the smiles!

Can't carry a tune let alone a piano. :)


I'll bring my scale and double check the weight.


What do you get when you drop a piano down a mine shaft?
A flat minor!


LOL -- thank you everyone! I loved all your comments! (I caught those puns, y'all!)


lol funny PLG


??????? Well if we try it all together? I think you better don't take it. lol


I'll help just let me know Patti


Do you need some help picking it up Patti, COME ON all you jigidi friends we can do it for Patti.


I'll be right there


OMG! 10 zillion pounds, that must be a huge piano on a grand scale.


LOL... no thanks, it's not my forte :-)


ROFL! Thank you so much for the laughter


Must be a GRAND grand piano!!!