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Circles And Arrows (Smaller)

48 pieces
95 solves
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Caution: sharp points and edges!!! Any person solving this puzzle does so at his or her own risk. Management assumes no responsibility!


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Well, lets neither of us hold our breath, or we won't be around to see it happen! LOL! (That makes no sense, I know!).


Pat, don't make me blush too! Someday you are going to wake up and realize just what a wonderful artist you are. I look forward to that day. :-)


You're leaving me blushing here, Wendy--I still have trouble believing that anything I make is that wonderful, but having someone like you, whose puzzles I am in awe of every day, tell me that I'm good is so very special and meaningful! Thanks so much!!!


Thanks, Rosie--I've been very lucky in the type of people who gather around these puzzles and post comments! They're such a fabulously witty and wonderful bunch, and I love reading everything, too! :-)))


Pat, it doesn't matter how you got to where you got this- the bottom line is that you got there, and what came out of it is an exceptionally terrific design. A thousand others could possibly have created something that was SOMEWHAT like this, but they would never reach what you reached. This is probably the best symbol-like design that I've ever seen on Jigidi. I can't think of any other that even comes close.


It's so much fun coming to your puzzles late at night after everyone has been. I not only get to do great puzzles but I get the entertainment that all of the comments provide. Thanks for so much fun. Rosie


Lela, I assure I was not watching or even attempting to watch. However, there is such as thing as too much information (TMI) and well the fact that you removed your clothing is TMI! LOL!


I was simply strolling along, avoiding sharp objects..........for expedience I had removed restrictive clothing........unbeknownst to me, I was being WATCHED!........


I wonder if any of the real artists in this world end up having people really like the paintings that were a problem, that had them backed into a corner, and that they had to improvise to fix if they didn't want to chuck the whole darn thing! That's the story with this one. I planned on it being concentric circles and the two arrows on the right. But once I had drawn the three nesting sets, I realized that they would no longer reach the circles except at the very edge. So I had to add the inner arrow set so that I could at least add a few more circles, rather than have the puzzle just stop dead with a huge inner one. But then it looked kind of awkward, without much definition, so I figured that I'd better blacken out a few sections to make the design clearer. I got lucky that necessity was the mother of an invention that actually worked out! LOL! Thanks, Wendy!

As for you two, Aishah and Lela, I think you both look for mischief to get into on my puzzles--JUST what I needed....... :-)))


Well!....All I can say to that is that you shouldn't have been peeking!.........I thought you had long since gone......


Pat, due to the fact that such puzzles cause lelabugosi to remove clothing, I must respectfully request fewer puzzles with sharp points and edges. What a shame, as I am quite fond of this puzzle. LOL!


Well........I was very confused with the sharp, pointy arrows pointing in contradictory directions, so just kept going left, right, left etc..........As to clothes getting snagged, I completely avoided that possibility - by removing them all before my left-right-left jaunt...........I don't think anyone else was about........
Oh yes, I escaped with just a couple of deep cuts.........


Pat, I would be less concerned about the number of arms and more concerned about a certain someone who tends to lose clothing. Wouldn't want that clothing coming off due to being snagged or torn on sharp points and edges. LOL!


Pat, it's so rare that I stare at a puzzle no matter how much I like the puzzle. But for some reason, I had to stare at this. It's really a remarkable design.


Pat, this design is INCREDIBLE! This could win contests! I'm serious.


Thanks, Ardy and Katie--I figured forewarned is forearmed! (I can just hear a certain chap mentioning that he only has two arms despite the warning....). :-)))


Great bright boldness with lots of drama!


Lovely circles. Sharp arrows. Good warning. Nary a nick. Thanks, Pat.


Thanks, Edie and Barb--and I added a caveat above, so Lela can't claim he wasn't warned! :-DDD


Really bright and eye catching, Pat. Thanks, this was fun! :-)


Nice and bold Pat. Those tips look sharp. You know Lela is going to have something to say about them. Fun one to solve. Thanks


Thanks so much, Dave. :-))


Wow Pat what an eye catcher. Love the colors.