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WEEKLY THEME: Birds.... Purple Swamp Hen (FOR RJDB).....

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They are striking birds, QORE... Keep your eyes open for one while your out scouting out new properties for the Empire.... Your RS..... :) :)


If you had one of these Royal Blue Swamp Hens, good buddy, where would keep it?? Do you have a pond or large water feature in your yard?? If you do, you can have one of your very own... I'll study up on what they eat and where to buy one.... Put up a biiiiig stocking on the mantel next year.... The Big Swamp IS a delightful place... I think I made a puzzle of photos from our first visit there... Amazing feeling to have a small kangaroo hold your hand while it nibbled away at the food you held out.... You would love it and we would so love to share it with you.... Hugs and Royal Blue feathers.... 'L'.... :) :)


This is one gorgeous bird. I've never seen anything like it. Thanks my dear!


Oh yes, oh yes, OH YES!!! Gotta have one of these royal blue beauties! I can't understand the purple description.; they look so vivid blue! Ahem, L, I was about to ask you to change the name....people don't use paper nowdays so it shouldn't be too hard to do., ha! I watched a UTube of the swamp. Incredible place. It looks as if all types of birds and animals will eat out of your hands. Not only that but there was a cacophony of bird calls, frog calls, crickets and whi knows what else. I would love that place! As you know, I love the marsh and there is some similarity. Thanks for this delightful puzzle that gives me some other glimpses of this maervelous bird.


Thank you, Sissel... They are beautiful birds... :) :)


Thanks Rob... Its against everything I believe in to post any thing in dull brown... As you've probably already noticed, for me, the brighter the better... So glad I found this bird in a brighter set of feathers.... Hope Jill, (Ms. RJDB) doesn't make me change the bird's name to "Royal Blue Swamp Hen'... That's a lot of paperwork..... :) :)


Thanks, Shirley... They are incredibly blue.... Almost iridescent.... We saw some at the 'Big Swamp', not Snooker's purple one, just your ordinary regular swampy, swamp.... :) :)


Yes, Snooker... The swamp is at the purple end of the Upper Alberta side of the North Fork of the Potomac River.... Can't miss it as you drive by.... :) :)


Beautiful bird - thanks :-)


I always thought they were a dull brown! What a pretty colour Sally - thanks.


Oh I've never seen one this colour, she is a beautiful bird,Thanks Sally, :):)

Interesting little fellow. Is the swamp purple too?