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Dammit- I LOVE this Puzzle

36 pieces
149 solves
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Mary, I'm so glad to be back! I love seeing everyone again. :-)


We're sure loving having Wendy back!


Well, Ms. Katie, now you've got it in two places. I'm sure that you've got lots of catching up to do though, if you've just purchased a computer. I look forward to hearing from you again....soon. ;-)


Thanks Wendy! I have a disc somewhere that an IT person made with all the e-mails that were in my account as of a month ago, but I haven't even looked at it yet. Just got internet service about 4 p.m. today.


Oh, Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder you haven't responded to my emails lately!
Do you still remember my email address? I just checked and see that your email address WAS the "edu" one. Oh heck. Here's mine again just in case:
I had made this one for you and Ardy a month ago! I had to stop shortly thereafter because my hand hurt too much.
I am so HAPPY that you're back too!


Hi Wendy, I'm finally back! Love this puzzle! I'm not working any more and it took a while to get a computer up and running. SO, SO happy to be back!!


Thank you so much, Josie! I happen to agree with you on this one. And speaking of stunning, many of your plaid puzzles are stunning as well. :-)

A Happy Thanksgiving for you too. :-)


Wendy, absolutely stunning, I wish I had time for the bigger one, really like it. Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving. Josie


My pleasure, Mandy. :-)


So lovely to have Wendy puzzles to solve again, and such a gorgeous selection from which to choose.... thank you dear one :~)


Barb, you're very welcome. After I reread what I wrote, I realized that I should say that even with everything I said to you about removal, there are exceptions. So for instance, even with the 3 month 'rule', puzzles may still be removed by Jigidi a year later....but it's very rare that that's the case.


Thanks for taking time to answer my questions, Wendy. :-)


Whoa! Dottie and Barb! You snuck in BOTH your comments while I was typing up a response to Ardy.

Dottie, it goes without saying that you have great taste! ;-) LOL

Barb, you only "like" this puzzle???? Well, you'll have to learn to love it...or else!
OK- in answer to your questions-
When I used to solve puzzles (which I no longer do), I kept a database with over 5,000 puzzles in it. I especially kept track of puzzles that were removed when I knew the puzzle creator/poster didn't remove their own. Because I used to update constantly, I knew when a puzzle was removed...and I'd enter the date the puzzle was removed. There really is no rhyme nor reason in so many cases though. BUT what I found is that GENERALLY, if a puzzle gets at least 100 solves, it's pretty safe. With very large puzzles though, about 80 solves makes it safe from removal. And with small puzzles, about 130 solves makes it safe. Puzzles that are going to be removed usually don't last more than 3 months. So if you have puzzles that have remained on Jigidi for over 3 months, you can be pretty sure they won't ever be removed. Both Magnus and Stefan have explained their removal policy a few times that I've seen, and they've been wrong...because I have seen exceptions to what they've said. So all I can think is that they're not saying ALL the conditions that apply to removal.
As to warnings about removal- NO, there are no warnings.


Ardy, you're on the top ten list again! OK, I love your idea. Right now, all you have to do is solve the puzzle 37 times so that it reaches the 100 solve mark. If you start now, it should only take you about an hour and a half....give or take an hour and a half. hehehe

I already said that I'm so glad to be back...but it won't hurt to say it again. I'm glad to be back and to see you and other friends...or at least the friends who I haven't been talking to in email all along. :-)


I like this puzzle too, Wendy! How many solves does one need to keep a puzzle alive on Jigidi? Do they warn you if they're going to trash it?


I love it, too, Wendy!


Wendy, I ,love it, too. I'm sure it will get tis share. If it doesn't get enough I
ll come back and solve it a few more times. OK?? I'm just so glad to have you back. Thank you, dear Wendy.


PJ, I missed your comment! And WHOA, I see you on the top ten list!
I LOVE everything about this I hope you're right about it getting enough solves.


Thank you so much, Karen! I missed being on Jigidi....and oh, I REALLY did!

Pat, I saw that you're on the top spot on both these puzzles. :-)
Ohhhhh, I hope you're right. And for anyone interested, I posted this puzzle in an 81 piece size using my other alias (Wendy_13).


Thanks for posting again. You will get solves enough, Wendy - I'm sure! I think it's dazzling and delightful, and wavy borders give the puzzle both movement and life.


Look quickly--I'm in first on both sizes! LOL! It will never last--the speedsters just aren't here yet, but it's nice for now! And I'll bet both sizes get enough solves to live on forever!

Wlcome back, Wendy! I love your puzzles--you were missed!

Wendy13 I hope it gets enough solves to save it from Jigidi's trash bin.