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Just in case anyone is confused, this is the groundhog.
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Best solution Marilyn, I hope you and the groundhog are both happy with it.
It's hard to see all your work in the garden ruined but I knew you wouldn't be killing her.
We don't have many wild mammals in the UK but we do get deer in the garden who eat away at our plants. I politely ask them to leave ♥


How neat! I used to have a pet skunk I would walk on a leash in our neighborhood. I thought groundhogs were too gnarly and cranky to make a pet, at least that was what I was told. This little lady was definitely a wild animal.

We had a pet groundhog. Raised it from a baby and even walked him on a leash


Thanks again Impie and Pammi. I sure hope she did not have a look at the electronic map. I wanted us both to be happy.


You did well, Marilyn, taking her to a new area where she can eat all she wants and leave your garden and plants and flowers alone! I hope she didn't have a peek on your TomTom whilst driving her to her new place, so she won't find her way back to your garden again!;-))))


All's well that ends well, Marilyn. Well done. ♥☺♥☺♥


Of course, I did not kill this animal. I was really upset that she ate my flowers to the ground killing my flowers. I worked hard to grow these flowers. She was not in the cage for very long. After my neighbor lifted the cage so I could see her bottom side I could see she was not nursing young. We would have let her go to raise her babies but no babies. I could also see she had no testicles so I know she was a female. We drove her to the country and turned her loose in an area that had trees and pasture. Just the kind of environment groundhogs like. They like the edge of woodlands. I like my garden with peas, beans, tomatoes, broccoli, basil, eggplant, strawberries, and peppers. I also like the flowers I grow. The groundhog was eating my garden to the ground leaving nothing.

Why are people catching them. Leave them alone. They have the same rights as humans to a good life free from being harrassed.


Please tell me what happens to the groundhog. Surely it wasn't killed!!


I was lucky. I put the trap on a trail leading to and from the den. I used lettuce with peanut butter on it and cantaloupe. I read that groundhogs really like cantaloupe. I used a trail of smaller pieces leading to the trap. The groundhog ate it all. I get my $50 deposit on the trap back from Wild Life and Parks.


I just caught one myself...they are the hardest thing to catch!

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