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It is all about me....


Story of my life. Sigh.

Re: those of you who had polio -- my hubby had it also, when he was six (I didn't know this until years after we met & even married!) and wasn't supposed to be able to walk again. Not only was he able to walk in a few months, but, believe it or not, he ran track for two years in high school! Not very well, but nonetheless when you consider the initial prognosis... (He likes to say that he once came in second in a 100 yard dash. Only thing was -- it was a two-man race... ha, ha!)


@grandmalucy I also had polio as a child, so I am right there with you when it comes to walking, and never been able to run. Have a good day Lucy, Hugs....Sue

Best saying I have ever seen! Sure is me. Antonia.


Oh, yes!!


I can relate!


That is me, for sure. Some ladies exercise every morning at 10:00, and this person wants to go, but this body stays firmly in the chair. Darn body!!


Isn't that the truth. The body is willing but the muscles are weak. LOL.


me too, had polio as a child and want so much to walk a long distance again. but alas cannot.

Gosh - know that one so well!!!