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Donner Pass, BLOB-19 social distancing...

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32 pieces
55 solves
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Blob-free. Or did some nefarious group CONSUME them?
Why this advertisement?


  1. glenestele1:04
  2. nela091:07
  3. Gible1:08
  4. KansasCarl1:09
  5. Allanb1:15
  6. mapletree1:21
  7. Watchman1:25
  8. Iggys1:25
  9. rennico1:31
  10. Donnapons571:33


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This is an invisible blob man.


I'm fine, Max (always a little grumpy) -- how about you?


Coin toss? (Hey, Returner...hope you're doing well!)


Direction signs always do this frustrating thing, where the arrows ALWAYS point in opposite directions. How do we ever know where to be or where to go?


Those alien loungers are available on the Chevron website.


Hahaha - The jokes on me. I zoomed in and looked at every inch of this picture, twice, trying to find the blob.
Are those lawn chairs going to be in every picture now too?


For the best view and taking pictures, please stand between the arrows.


Well, aliens could be the answer. Blobs walking along, alien craft sweeps them up they fly off following conveniently placed arrows, return to the mama ship, and just like that, the Blob virus has spread outside of our world.


According to noted-author Erich von Däniken, the arrows are used to guide alien space craft. He claims that to be the only possible, logical conclusion.


If you notice, the arrows may well be directional. If the intrepid travelling Blobs followed them, they may well have gone over the edge. No Blob Denver songs for this one.


Art imitating history. I thought perhaps they were at at a local eatery.

I LIKE it!


Tahoe basin was closed so the blobs had to eat the blobs.


The arrows are commemorative. Blobs were last seen at this location.

Why this advertisement?