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Splitting image of my Outlaw Blake!!

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Jenny went to the aquarium today and took the pictures you will see. This is a Galapagos Tortoise and I believe it has been here for 40 or 50 years. When I was young there were a few and they were 80 and 100 years old! They can live to be more than 100 years in the wild and one has been recorded as living for 170 years in captivity.
Jenny was upset because they get more to eat for lunch than she does........Well I say that is Jenny's fault!!


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Don't worry Jana, these animals are well taken care of, thanks.


Poor thing was probably hungry turtle :-)))) Thanks for the photo Robbie and Jenny :-))))


Sure would make a big batch Celeste! But no, lots of trouble then, thanks.


gonna have some turtle soup?
giggles :)


I am so glad you enjoy them Monica, thanks.


Beautiful Robbie, just so very beautiful! Love these pics, thanks so much for posting them!...Monica


Jenny says thanks to you both Denise and PK.

Yes Hanne, you're right!! Thanks.


They don't have to think about being able to fit their clothes! They can eat as much as they want and be happy inside their shields!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


Great picture Jenny.....


Good shot Jenny:-)


That is very interesting Rob, thanks.

Hi LJ, he has leathery skin and a long neck!! Thanks.

This is funny Carol because I just solved your puzzle..............and I was still hungry!! Thanks.

Thanks gnt, Jenny is pleased.


very good pic


This looks like the dinner puzzle I just posted. The Tortoise is amazing and obviously enjoying the meal more than I did mine. ;)


So, in what way is this like Blake? He is always eating? He wears a hard hat? He has dry, leathery skin? He doesn't know how to use a knife and fork?


Nice shot Jenny. Australia Zoo - which is about 1 hours drive from Brisbane had Harriet the Galapagos Tortoise until 2006 & her age was estimated to be 176 years old!! We saw her when we visited - & she loved snacking on Hibiscus flowers for a treat.


Hi Ardy, me too, i like my knife and fork!! Thanks.

Hi Pam, they certainly are, thanks.

Not me Lela, the tortoises saw your ears and started 1/2MPH!!! Thanks.

Yes she is full now gem, thanks.


After that comment, I can see Jenny running to the cliff's edge now! :DDD


Imagine living for 170 years under the same roof...........or being married for 150 years........sorry, didn't mean to frighten you!......

These are truly fascinating animals. Thanks so much for the puzzle.


Fascinating creatures. Glad I don't have to eat like that. Thanks Robbie & Jenny.