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Tai hanging around in my desk drawer

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He came with the house I bought when I moved to Bellingham, WA after I retired. He quickly worked his way into my heart, and when I moved back to Seattle, he came with me.
He was always an outdoor hunter in Bellingham so I couldn't keep him inside here. Unfortunately, I now live on a busier street and one day a car got him. I miss him still, even though I now have Tux and Bean. Tai was a very special boy.


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PS: Love those wonderful whiskers!


What a funny way to get comfy! I mentioned Millie before - well she was Connie's sister and, while they were devoted to eachother to start with, they set up a territorial spraying thing, eventhough they were spayed females, so I chose to rehome Millie because she was the easier of the two. Millie went to a lovely lady who sent me pictures of her on the top of a unit, like Tai. She said she also used to curl up on her lap while she was typing away on the computer - well, honestly! She never did that for me lol! Unfortunately the lady passed away a couple of years ago - it was a terrible shock to discover she had gone - her house was all boarded up when I went to see her one day. She gave Millie to her gardener, so I know Millie's happy. I still have her as my desk top screen saver. I will post some pics of her sometime soon. Thanks for sharing your wonderful Tai.


A smile-maker. :)))


Looks so comfy in the drawer :)


Cats!!!!! always doing funny. Love this one Trudy.


Awww, looks like an easy-going fellow. :-)