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False Creek, Vancouver ( link to larger puzzle included)

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This part of Vancouver has the second highest population in North America. Parts of New York City have more residents.

For this picture in 70 pieces click on:


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Thank you Jacques!


nice Cathy!


Thank you Ank. Yes, those are all apartments ... expensive apartments!!

Thank you Jim. City life does not appeal to everyone!! I'm glad you like the picture. I created a private puzzle with more pieces for you and anyone else who likes bigger puzzles.

Thank you Lorna! Crowded but beautiful !

Thank you Suzy! It is a great city with art and culture. But the mountains and the sea are the biggest attractions!!


What a fine looking city. And obviously, one with much to offer in the arts nd culture.


Exceedingly well populated, but still it looks beautiful!


Beautiful photo, Cathy!
You really have to love people to live there!
I love it right here where the acres outnumber the people!
This is another puzzle that looks professional. One of these days when you have some spare space, could you make this 80 piece? Thanks!


Hi Cathy, good morning, I like this photo. Are that all apartment buildings? So many people at such a small piece of ground. I don't want to live there, but the photo is nice to see.


Thank you Denise! I'm glad you like this picture.


Looks so nice cathy. Thanks so much:-)))

9! mamere - come on!!!!!! Wow


You're very welcome Grandmalucy!


Thanks for showing me vancouver.