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NO, no snow, or almost none, not nice

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We are in an interesting weather pattern. Warm today, high in the mid-high 50's, thanks to a jet stream which is positioned high up into the north above MI. Then a significant drop in temperture tomorrow and back to snow again, but probably not all that much until maybe the weekend.


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Schutkleur, I would suspect it happens in each country. ; ) We have words that are from other languages as well. Crepes, which come from the French comes to mind. And then I developed a blank mind and can't think of any others, even though I know that there are others we use. ; )


Thank you for the explanation of whiplash Roseheather. We call the same condition whiplash too, however. We use a lot of english words, sometimes I think people are too lazy to find a word of our own. The literal translation would be "zweepslag" , and would be a word as perfectly usable as whiplash. But everyone uses the word whiplash.


Thank you, Jacque.


nice one rose!


Thank you, PLG, Texasstar7 and Schutkleur.

In Michigan people often speak of a January thaw, but this is more than that. I am reminded more of "whip lash" from the extreme changes in temperature. ; )

Schutkleur, thought maybe I should explain "whip lash." When someone is in an auto accident one of the complaints can be "whip lash" from being jerked about in the sudden stopping motion. That would be a somewhat minor complaint of an auto accident. It refers to the neck, and the subsequent discomfort in the neck area, I think. I just did a search and I am amazed at the sites that refer to whiplash. ; )


Pity Roseheather! It looks the same here, and I`m not happy about it either. But at least you have a forecast of new snow. Doesn`t look like it overhere. Just rain and more rain with a lot of wind and some 45°F :(((((


Wow, Roseheather & Patti, you guys have ups and downs as bad as we do! It was 80 yesterday, storming again today with hail & very high winds, no telling what's next. Oh, well, just go with it. I hope you can get good snow pix to share with us poor old hot folks! Thanks.


Thank you for this, RH. Our weather is crazy like yours right now too! 50's today, and 4 below by Thursday night!


Yes, 0829 - Naoma, snow ensures more ground water, and my area was hurt by so little snowfall last winter. Thanks for commenting.


We just got another foot of snow and it is still snowing. This is on top of the foot and 1/2 we got earlier this week. I hope we will have plenty of water this summer. SLC ....Naoma