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Our home in the Enchanted Forest

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Look closely above the white chairs, waiting for cleaning. There is a resident peacock who loves to show off. It was the most beautiful and peaceful and wonderful place I ever lived, even if was only 3 years with my sweet Bob. We had deer, ducks, geese, swans, both black and white and an acre between a lot of us. We had a stream on each side, with those huge Oregon trees.......I loved living there.


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Now this would be my ideal living situation. Nature and animals..............Wendy


I would have been happy here too Mary! You are very lucky to have had this experience. tfs x


It looks like a very peaceful place to live. I'm so sorry your not able to live there anymore. But it sounds as if you have a lot of nice memories of this place. It's really quite beautiful...Big hugs, Monica


It looks a peaceful place to live , but I'd be a little scared, sorry.


Thank you so much for telling me your feelings about it. So happy to share my sweet memories with my new Jigidi friends. Blessings, mary


Am already contented with the peacock, all the rest is a bonus. A beautiful haven indeed.


Dear Mary, is a privilege to have lived there with the beloved !! A beautiful and welcoming place Receive a big hug !!


Thanks, Mary for filling me in about Big Valley Woods. I already spoke with mgmt there and decided it's not for us. They are looking for full time residents and we are looking to be part timers. So it's not a good match. Seems like its getting harder to find places like yours USED to be. I'll keep looking until I find the perfect match.


My husband and I are planning on moving near our kids in OR and we've decided on the Sandy, Boring, Brightwood area. Both our adult children moved from FL to OR and took our only grandchild with them. I LOVE Oregon, it is one of our most beautiful states. I will be looking up your Big Valley Woods too. We lived in Atlanta for 13 years, our daughter was born there (a true Georgia peach). Georgia is another beautiful state once you leave Atlanta, too busy for me. Take care.


Oh Mary! I would love living there!! My hubby is a "city boy" and I would live deep in the forest if I could! But we usually end up in neighborhoods, near shopping, etc! But he's a sweetie so I don't complain. Haha! Having a peacock pet is icing on the cake!! Thanks for posting this!


Mary, that sounds so nice! I looked Big Valley Woods up online, & it does look like a truly wonderful place to live. I figured you were just calling it the Enchanted Forest, which is a good description for all of our lovely Oregon woodsy areas. It's getting more & more rare to have a home with good neighbors. Even though we're in the country we have neighbors on both sides whose houses are quite close to ours, especially on the one side. Fortunately, both neighbors are nice & we've had no real conflicts with them, so we're blessed for that.


I am sorry, I am just now reading this. It was only that called it Enchanted forest, it was actually Big Valley Woods, address was Boring, but it was closer toSandy. I shopped at Fred Meyer. There in Sandy. It was and I guess still is a mobile home park. But it was unlike any I have ever seen. Oh, yes, it was a happy place. We had wonderful neighbors. Mi could write a book!! is so nice to get to know you, Gina. Hugs, Mary


Sounds like it was a real blessing to live here, even for 3 years. I love the peacock! My aunt had 2, & they are just as you said, very beautiful, & very noisy. Looks like you had a pretty nice house too. Did you live near the "Enchanted Forest" kids park, up near Portland? We have a 1972 3 bedroom mobile, the old kind with the long hallway down the middle. My power chair won't fit into any of the rooms off the hall. I only use it in the kitchen & dining room. I have a lift chair in the living room which is a blessing because I have trouble getting up from most chairs & sofas. Our home is in fair shape for its age. We have a wood stove for most of our heat, & a couple of space heaters. We have a creek at the back of our property, & since we're in a valley we have hills & mountains on all sides, which makes for beautiful views. In the warm months we have just about every variety of wildflower in the Pacific Northwest growing on our property, plus roses, lilies & other non-native flowers in our beds, & dozens of birds & butterflies too. The deer eat nearly everything we plant, but we still love watching them. Like you, we are totally in love with Oregon. It is a very happy & quiet life, & we will be sad when we have to sell our home & move to the city with our daughters, probably in the next 5-10 years because the place is getting harder for us to maintain with our health problems. But at least we've been able to "live the American dream", or at least our dream, for the last 14 years so far, & it has truly been wonderful. That is so wonderful that you got to visit the Holy Land. I've always dreamed of visiting there too. I'll share more pics of our flowers this year that I hope you will enjoy. Have a good night, & a fanttastic week, my friend. ((HUGS)) Gina


Thanks, Izelenn, the homes were not fancy, but the setting was so soothing. I just felt at home.
Jan, you are so,right. I have the most,wonderful memories.
Ruby, thanks for such sweet comments.
Dana, my all time wish of things to do,came true in 2012: A trip to the Holy Land. Magnificent. It was something I had wanted to,do for a lifetime
Gladstone. Truly for me it was, simple, and beautiful.

God bless all of you


That sounds like a DREAM place to live.
Thanks, Mary.


I would like to live in the forest, but we don't have places like this in Israel, I think, and I cannot live in any other place.


That looks so beautiful. Suited to a lovely lady! I am sure you miss it all. Hugs. :-))


Mary that does look like a wonderful place to live. No wonder you have fabulous memories of it. Yes I see the peacock too.
Thanks and hugs my friend. ♥


Nicepeach2,what a beautiful place!!


Look carefully on the deck over the chairs piled up to clean, there is our wandering peacock. He was so pretty and pretty noisy. But what a joy it was to live there. We lived on an acre with 2 streams going on either side of the house and all kinds of wildlife came to visit. Of course deer, duck, geese, swan. We had a community that use to look like Enchanted Foreset. I loved living there the 3 years than any place. Always company, something to do. People were wonderful in the middle of the Forest with Bob in Oregon. Doesn't get much better than that. Mary