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Spangle Factor Budgies

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Spangle Parakeets

The pattern of wing markings and throat spots on these birds is what makes them distinct. Most parakeets have black wing feathers mixed with their underlying body color (yellow or white);but if a parakeet carries one Spangle gene, these colors will be reversed (i.e. yellow feathers edged with black). Spangle parakeets have fewer throat spots than other birds, sometimes they have none at all. The few spots they do have usually resemble mini “targets”, with a white dot in the center. Parakeets with two Spangle genes are mainly one color-yellow or white-sometimes with other tones subtly sneaking through the plumage.
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  1. harlaf3:54
  2. moyrita4:31
  3. Laukie5:01
  4. pascalem6:00
  5. merry2466:06
  6. diannez6:25
  7. Normaraineslove6:39
  8. Murfy7:07
  9. WPGP7:13
  10. Kalola7:23


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These are so pretty. Love the coloring. dj

I have never seen one of these or even heard of them. They are lovely with their soft shades. Thank you for photo and info

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