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Edible Green Face

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20 pieces
70 solves
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Created by an Iinstructable member, known to me, some time ago :-))
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  1. Navea0:25
  2. Ianto0:28
  3. Avalanche0:29
  4. Bubble0:30
  5. Cootje600:31
  6. Lydialove090:31
  7. alias2v0:32
  8. Meadow9240:35
  9. kay010:38
  10. Warehouse0:39


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I do, do that ever soo gently Bubble :-))


Fiona, I too have to log into some people's home page..
Guessing the same reason their puzzles very rarely appear in my Notifications..

::: hugs ::: back @ U :-))


Bite your tongue !! (^‿^✿)


@iceng - HEY HI!! I entirely missed this before now!

I follow you, Alex, but for some reason your puzzles never appear in my Notifications. In fact, I've seen so little of you recently that I thought, "Let's see what ol' CzechPoint is up to," and found these older puzzles.

You must think I'm so rude. There are a few people whom I follow who mysteriously never get Notified to me, and that makes me sad. A Jigidi glitch, I suppose. Perhaps you can offer to work for them, to make patches. :-)

::: hugs :::


Kids would have loved this face.. especially the stick-out tongue. Thanks.


A cheeky chappy, but not for long, thanks Alex 🙄


Yes I know, but I'm way out past the youngster war stage..
That does not apply to suspenders in a painting :-))


So you were trying to push me off the board? You might be starting a little war here; I'm pretty competitive, you know. :))


I tried to get on the leaderboard ... deep in my thoughts ... Redina, I could not push you out.. And so my score could not get less then 41 :-))


It was created in another state..
She was a pleasant member and we were like two ships passing through a fog :-))


So did he eat it, or offer it a beer? :))


Glad your Sunday is fun Blue :-))


Alex, this started my day with a laugh! Thank you!

Do not play with your food. But talking to it is ok. ;)


@Mischka thinking of you when I came across this old image :-))

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