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With our daughter Carolyn.

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Anna's mum, Francine.
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A great one to treasure, phyllis. Glad you're back from your break away. Yes, leg progressing - just a small hole now instead of a huge one! No swimming for a few weeks yet though. Thank you for your good wishes. x


The 3rd is not far away Jan, where in America are you going? Both my sisters live there and though they love it they do miss some of the Kiwi foods. How is your friend, Jan? Well it's 1:30am, I should be asleep, but I might do a few puzzles before I go off to bed. G'night, blessings and hugs from here too.


Hi again Phyllis, how wonderful to have so many beautiful nationalities present in your family. We got to America on 3rd April and fly home on 26th. We actually leave there on 24th but miss a day. We will spend most of our time with our son and his family in California.

Many blessings for you both, my friend, hugs.


Thanks Nev, right back to you too:-)


Lovely picture Pat! thanks so much for the link. Hope you are keeping well? I've just put a Caramelised Onion Kugel in the oven, first time I've made one, it looks great. Just three ingredients and salt and oil, I suppose that five really, oh well... lot of work though and the cleaning up.. thought I'd better not leave it to Len:-)

Something for you to see, Phyllis.

Thanks for the great photo of you and your daughter. ♥


I haven't forgotten Jan. When and where are you going to in America? Both my sisters live there, one is married to an ex-marine and the other retired up north.

Glad you all like the photos. Carolyn is our second, especially chosen, daughter. She is part Samoan, our other daughter, is part Maori, we have a 'league of nations' around our table with both our girls, a Tongan D.I.L and a Maori one too, plus our Swiss grandchn too.

Love and hugs to you all xx


And again so great to see you. Don't forget we have a lunch date when we come over next. It may not be for a while as we are off to America in April to visit our son and his family. Many hugs dear Phyllis.


Hello there. :))


What a lovely pictre, Phyllis. : )


Yapyap and aunt Carolyn looks great too. So nice to see you in family photos. ♥♥♥


Lovely to be back too. Looking forward to catching up, albeit slowly with all the great puzzles I've missed. Have a super day.


Hi Phyllis! Am happy you are back! Happy family...

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