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PJ's Special Request #11

42 pieces
275 solves
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Good, Mandy. You are always way too kind. ;-) and a :-)


Wendy - Put me at the back of the Q - LOL I have plenty of patience!!!


Mandy, you'll have to wait though! PJ is keeping me very busy. LOL

Judy, laughing, yes, absolutely, it would be awful for the pretty little bird.
I know that you've been having a great time with trying out different techniques too. :-)


It sure would be sad if someone mistakenly sat on that delicate bird! Wendy, I especially liked the middle blue streaks, because they looked like they were reflecting what was above. Great technique and wonderful overall effect.

Thanks, PJ, for helping out. That must have been fun, because all of Wendy's stuff is spectacular!


Oh, lucky baby bird... I don't wish to disturb it!!! I look forward to seeing what you produce next... :~)


PJ, of course you love this puzzle! You picked it out, silly lady. ;-)

Mary, as you probably know by now, PJ went through a bunch of my old puzzles and picked out ones she'd like in small sizes. You are well than welcome to do the same. ;-)

Mandy, there's a baby bird in the nest and I don't believe there's enough room for both of you. However, because this one seems popular, I'll make another one something like this in the next few days. :-)


Beautiful rings of light and colour, I want to be able to get inside that tiny blue nest in the top and to see and sense the coours swirling around me!!! thanks Wendy.


These are my favorites, too, because I prefer the small size because I'm slow. Big screen, slow solver! LOL 5:16 Thanks, Wendy!


Wendy - I love this puzzle; the colors, the design and the nonchalant, fun style.
And, yes, I have great fun selecting wonderful puzzles that my screen and I can manage.


Katie, I just responded to you on another puzzle. I mentioned that PJ picked out all the ones I posted today from old large puzzles that I never made small. I'm thinking that I might end up posting only small puzzles using this alias for now on. Feel free to make special requests too, if you'd like.

Ardy, the same goes for you! :-) And yes, I think PJ had fun doing it. She picked out lots more as well, and I'll be posting them as time goes on.


Thanks, Wendy. Thanks, PJ. Had a good time with this. Love the bright swirly colors.


I love this Wendy! The streaks of light are fabulous!