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Kaleido Collage: Medium

81 pieces
202 solves
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I created the images in this collage.


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You have me laughing, Kirsten. It does have kind of a Tunisian tile look, so don't worry about it. I have made several of this pin though.


Well, there you go. What do I know? Nuffin! LOL And now that you mention what it's made of, I remember doing it as a single, and you telling me that!! *facepalm*


LOL, Ardy. Thank you. I'm glad you liked all of the above:)


Gail, I did this right after you posted it yesterday and forgot to post the comment. I love it, especially the bottom left and right - or was it the bottom middle and middle right - or maybe the top right and middle left - or maybe it was the rest of them. I have short term memory problems I guess. Anyway it was delightful. Thank you.


Thanks, Kirsten. Actually the top right was the cloissone cat pin that I have used for several kaleidos.


Great collage Gail! And I LOVE the top right! Which would be a Tunisian tile if I'm not mistaken. Thanks very much, I had a lovely time. :)))


Thanks, Barb. I haven't tried any of them yet. I've been busy making collages, getting food ready for family tonight, and I still want to solve June's. I was at a quilting group at church this morning.


Gorgeous collage, Gail!!! Beautiful kaleidos - I think my favourite, which won't surprise you, is the middle left. Enjoyed this so much, I think I'll try the small one now. :-)