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did you say "treat?"
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  1. racoonstar0:23
  2. janibacsi0:25
  3. Dargur0:29
  4. MeMaw230:29
  5. baanee440:30
  6. Ianto0:30
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@lillywebs Maui says "thank you". (so do i) take care, hugs, Penny


What a sweetie !! Reminds me of my Tab-Tab I had for 15 years until she just faded away and left us your story about the computers being a passing fad !!
My older brother would take me to the computer lab while he was getting his Master's in Computer Science. That was 1966 and it took up a whole room !! Oh, the memories...good times !! (✿ᴗ✿) Lilli


@lilliwebs thought you might like to see my Maui. :) Penny


@KittyCounselor see below. i'm taking a nap. all this drama has tired my brain.


@KittyCouncelor i had a problem getting back to jigidi after creating this and another puzzle. took me over 1/2 hour and i have no idea what i did to cause the problem, or to correct the problem. i wish i knew more about this modern enigma called a computer....and to think, when i wanted to chose computer programming back in the 70's, Mom told me it was just a fad and would phase itself out--that was when it was just 1's & 0's. oh well..... LOL thanks for listening.


holding the treat bag above the screen...

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16 September 2020 - 8 December 2016
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