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The beautiful Fergus - naughtiness personified but love you just the same

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  1. Brie16485:19
  2. tisketsmum6:47
  3. ushi7:23
  4. nessham7:39
  5. Impie7:45
  6. webpeggy7:50
  7. Jossvb8:01
  8. raynin8:57
  9. zhouzhou9:06
  10. kayboblee9:42


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Fergus was a charmer. I'm glad to have the opportunity to do this puzzle from the past, this photo of somebody important in your past. -Patsy


Pammi, I'm sorry that you don't have tomcat, I just wanted to ask, that you have a different profile...Just that the cat is in good hands


Hi Pammi. My mother is shifting into a retirement village in 2 weeks. Residents can take their cats with them but when the cat passes, they can't replace them. Mum doesn't have a cat, but it's sad you can't have one at any time.


Oops. Pammi is what I meant to write


Hi palm I. Glad you like my pix of my cat Charlie


Hola Pammi, que bueno que encontraste una buena persona que le de mucho amor como tu lo hiciste. Muchos abrazos, Roxy ------Hello Pammi, it is good that you have found a good person than you of love like you did it. Many hugs, Roxy (traductor bing)


Oh Pammi, that must have broken your heart. At least you know Fergus is in good hands but there must be such an emptiness in your heart...I think I would volunteer at a local shelter just to cuddle a kitty :o)


Mooie kat hey pammi


Ooh, pretty kitty.


Hes a beautiful boy, I know the feeling Pammi, we lost a loving kitty to cancer in August and I miss that little girl, we had her for 13 years. Tears still well up in my eyes when I think of her. It was the first time my wife saw me cry in 48 years. I think of that kitty every day . I will see her one day at the rainbow bridge


That's so sad, Pammi. I'm glad he found a good home. I don't know what would happen to my cats if something happened to me. They're not youngsters, and they are all so bonded together they can't be separated. They sleep together in a huddle under the covers with me (except two). I have five that wouldn't know what to do with themselves if I wasn't around, they're so bonded to me as well. Good luck in retirement.


Good morning tisketsmum. Sadly I no longer have my beautiful Scottish Fold, Fergus. We moved to a retirement village eighteen months ago and unfortunately, no dogs or cats allowed. It broke my heart to have to find a new loving home for him. We had numerous phone calls from people wanting him but settled on a lovely young lady who had an instant connection with him. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him and miss him. I would give anything to have him back with me.


Thanks SnazzyBean. I just decided to look back on my old postings and very surprised to see recent comments. Yes, Fergus is absolutely lovely but sadly has now gone to a new home.


What a gorgeous kitty - love his name!


All Jigidi cats are loved cats; why else would we take the time and trouble to show off our lovely kitties :))))
Nice to meet you Fergus; hope to see you again soon :)


I love tuxedos too, and Fergus is enjoying these sun beams. Beautiful cat!

Love the tuxedos! Have three of my own little troublemakers!

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