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Time For A Laugh

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As promised, here is your laugh for the day.

I am going to copy and paste the below from the finished drawing that I just posted..........

Well, I finished this one yesterday evening. We use to have a lot of chickens and this is a representation of one of them. My original idea for him came from a photo that I once took. That particular sketch of him surprised me as I have never attempted to draw anything from a photo. But when I went to color in the second sketch, I ran into problems. In the end, I ended up redoing the drawing and simply drew him from my mind, coloring him in as I went along, and adding my own touches.

Purina Mills bought the copyrights to 60 photos that I took of some of our chickens. His photo was among those. For those interested in seeing the photos, his included, check out Purina's FaceBook page at

I just had an idea. I am going to post him as a puzzle in several different categories. And for the fun of it, I am going to post some of the original sketches of him as puzzles in small pieces. I am sure you will get a laugh....... as the first one is almost a cartoon quick drawing. But if this encourages anyone else to try something that they have never done before and always wanted to try, like drawing, I say go for it!!!!! You simply never know what you can do unless you first try :-))))))))


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I so appreciate you guys!!!!! You definitely bring a smile to my face and heart :-)))))))


Kathy - this is way too good to make me laugh! But I am smiling happily and with delight at your new found artistic talent :-) Way to go, girl!


Don't discount yourself so short. I think it's a fine beginning.


Ah, the beginning with a small tee-hee, looking forward to more.