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What a pawsitively adorable receptionist.

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We are missing you YO☺☺


Oh, no, YO, hurry back!! I hope your computer problems get fixed very soon, and the problems are not too bad. I love your daily postings. (:o}) -- Carol

She has beautiful eyes. There is a greeter cat at the Vets office I wold take my animals to. Very friendly.---------------Molly


BTW, congrats on your 5th anniversary on Jigidi.


Oh, NO, Mr_Clean!! I can't survive without my daily dose of YO! :o(


Youngone is having computer problems. Will return as soon as possible.


Picked me in one, YO. ☺☺☺☺☺☺


Such a sweet receptionist YO good puzzle☺

LOL, Pammi. You know accountants and book keepers so well it seems. :)


Ahhh, I see you have the latest accounts open and ready to be audited 'MissFluffyducksForever' so shall we get right into it? Darn! Did you hide my green pen without which I cannot function??? ☺☺☺☺

Good one, Returner. :)


LOL, Returner!


Does she take dictation? No, you can't dictate anything to cats.

That is good. We all need smiles. :)


You made me smile with this one, YO. :)

That too, Sherry. :)

Well, maybe a raise up in the chair so she can reach the keyboard... Sherry :)))

Would not refuse this little doll. :)


She wants a raise! Please?

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