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Think Spring!!

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I saw some lattice work on ruglady2's puzzle "Just Fun" and I had to see if I could create it. Then I decided why not use it as the background for a puzzle? So, thanks to her, I produced something new for me at least. it wasn't easy figuring it out, but perseverence is a good thing...sometimes. Have fun, please!


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Thanks for acknowledging me as clever. I try to convince others, but to no avail. I'm still sick, and it has moved into my chest. Will explain later why your suggestions don't work for me, but thanks so much. Have a wonderful Easter! And....drum!!!


Diane, Is this another username (dmac)? I also have a dianemc in New Jersey. Anyway, thanks so very much for the wonderful comment. Hope to talk more later. Judy


Very cleverly done, thanks Judy.
I hope you're remaining healthy ;~))


Absolutely gorgeous! How about that,there is a HUMMINGBIRD in it. Thank you. DIANE FROM N.J.


Whatnauts, the nice thing about CyberSpring is that it never goes away and never needs tending. Instead of looking out your window, look online for pictures of the beautiful flowers to be found everywhere. I have no flower garden, so I'm equally unable to enjoy the beauty from my window. Just sand and empty flower beds. So, I get my fix by drooling over photos of things I used to grow. It will do for now. Have a few ideas to change that someday.


PJ, I'm so glad you liked this because it was so fun to make. I'm glad you liked the Spring images. My Easter puzzle will come next week. Have a great Palm Sunday.


Aggie, your avatar looks much better than that supposed azalea bush! Yes, I peeked at your profile. I'm confused. Is Henry your dog purchased for you, or is he your son's dog? What an intelligent, good-looking dog he is, too. I'm so glad you enjoyed my puzzle and hope to see you again. You have a great sense of humor.


I'm thinking spring. I'm thinking the only spring I'm going to see is the one I'm thinking about!!! Thanks for providing this puzzle and some images I can think about :))))


Wonderful puzzle, great design and, Judy, such fine Easter / spring images.


Edie, a little competitive are we??LOL!!!


Barb, you're so nice. I'm so glad I've met you, because you always leave nice comments. Glad you enjoyed my first attempt at conquering a new technique. I was trying to draw it on paper and decided to give up. At least with the draw program you can conveniently right the wrong attempts easily. Since it only involved squares and straight lines, no biggy right? Well, my brain sloooowly got the hang of it! I was thrilled and saved the uncolored lattice as a template to reuse. Why re-invent the wheel? Have a great weekend and Palm Sunday.


Judy, I only got to the top on my second try. First time I was in the middle of the board. Good Luck!!!


Edie, you have a good eye recognizing my patterns in hodge podge; if you make 'em you might as well use 'em. (I used to be a gangster LOL). Also, I don't think you needed any help solving with you at the top of the leaderboard. Why is it that I'm slower than molasses even on my own puzzles? I know it's lattice work, but that won't improve my time. I have eyes and hands that don't go nearly as fast as I want unless it's in the wrong direction, then they really speed up. I'm glad you had fun. Wish me luck. I've not solved it yet. :-))


Such a lovely spring puzzle, Judy, and so well done with the lattice work. Love all the spring images. :-)


This was so much fun Judy. I didn't realize till it was done that the strips are actually woven through. This might have helped in solving. LOL. I recognize some if your hodge podge backgrounds. Thanks so much.