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Purpinkle Swirl

361 pieces
72 solves
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Yes, they take maybe five minutes to color once they're drawn, unlike the monochromes. There are thousands of color combinations, and I could make ones with 3, 4, 5 colors, or ones where every color is different; ones where the colors are put in randomly, and ones where they follow a set order, like the red, white, and blue one, and the rainbow one. In a way, that's comforting, because on days when I'm running out of ideas, I still can post something new! But I really love the look of the monochromes.....


I thought it was interesting as well. I know the monochrome ones solve faster, so you'd expect they would get more solves. Nope. It's colour, colour, colour!!! I want my colour!!! I would expect you could get more mileage out of the multicoloured ones - they could easily be changed without redrawing.


Thanks so much for all the checking--I didn't do a very thorough job, but thought the same thing... And I find it interesting that the multicolored ones, which I find more difficult than the monochrome, because there are not as many internal clues as there are with the shading of these colors, do better. I guess people really do like the brighter colors. I ought to be happy, because they are much easier to color! With the monochrome, I go in tiny increments, trying to make sure the tones change just enough to be noticeable, but not so much that it's either jarring, or that I end up running out of shades before I run out of swirl!


In response to the solves question, I had a quick look and it seemed like the small and medium sizes had similar numbers, but the largest version does indeed have fewer solves. I compared the numbers to other similar monochromatic swirls or more muted hues - the orange one, a blurple one and a couple of others.

In comparing the numbers to multicoloured swirls, the numbers were noticeably higher, on all sizes. It's almost amazing the difference it makes. I can see that for the small and perhaps medium sizes, but it just goes to show how much difference many different bright colours in the same puzzle makes.

And most amazingly of all, the ones that did the very best were the two that I named Tweetie Bird.

(I only compared puzzles on your PD pages, I didn't look at the PD65 profile.)


Thanks so much, Kathy! You said all the right things! And I appreciate it! :-)))))))


Delicious purpinkle, even yummier than anticipated! I agree, the solve rate is a little curious. Folks don't know what they're missing!! Oh - yes - I can see the difference in this and blurple. This is my fave of all!


I don't want to sound obsessed with solve rates, but I really am surprised by the low numbers on this puzzle, on all sizes, compared to similar ones that I've posted... I actually checked to see if I'd accidentally posted it filtered! Well, as I always say, just goes to show that I can't predict a darn thing!



Thanks, whatnauts!


Superb swirl, sinfully sweet solve :)


Well yes, I can. It could be her computer screen. I sometimes see colours differently than others do. Or it could be that she 'expected' to see blue and therefore did.


Can you tell that it isn't the same as blurple (which Jan thought it looked like) and blurpinkle? I really thought that I avoided the blue, and so made it different... Anyway, I'm glad you like it!


Purpinkle is swell :)


I love cotton candy, so I'll go with that! Thanks, siouxzn!


A sliced red onion or cotton candy, I can't decide. It was a fun morning. Thanks pd.