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Leaves are Turning in Dallas

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Thank you, Cel! Gemstone, you never know what the weather will do here. We've had winters where everything froze, and others when if you blinked you'd miss it. Overall, though, we have very mild winters, I think it's just too hard for it to cool off after those brutal summers! Elina, de nada!


Prachtige foto en puzzel, dank je Tex!


Well, Tex, you don't really need coloured leaves if you have hibiscus and bougainvillea blooming year 'round. People do have potted hibiscus here but they have to bring them indoors in the winter. My geraniums are still blooming on the balcony but each rainy day I think, "Must get those out next sunny day." It's sunny today but they look so happy they'll stay. Lol We don't always have snow in Vancouver but I remember one year as a teen that my mum had roses blooming for a whole year right through March...even in the snow. The roses took April off and started blooming again in May...but the weather is changing so who knows what will happen this winter. :D


Pretty picture :)


Thanks, Cevas! Last year we really didn't have a winter, and one of my bougainvilleas bloomed all through winter. Petunias, too. I have a feeling this one may not be so mild, though!


Hi texas. I love this picture. The house is beautiful, the trees are lovely and .... it is sunny! I am looking forward to your winter flower pictures.


Oh, make no mistake I will, and I'll dedicate it to Gemstone! I laughed out loud when she said that; that's how I've felt with everyone except us getting color. But today I spotted some gorgeous trees (sans camera) that I will revisit tomorrow.
Gracie, you'd both be welcome! Thanks for the jig. I couldn't believe he wore that. Someone said he was the love child of Prince and Rick James!


Nice you are getting there, tex. Please du post your flower pics when we are up tu our heinies in snow. Had a few snow flakes tuday, then they changed tu rain!


A gift for you Tex.


Tex be careful and don't post any hibiscus when we are up to our necks in snow. Gemstone and I will be moving in with you, will you be ready?


I know, I know. I keep hoping...


I can see a little color there Tex. Very little, but it's there!


Well, lookie there. There's hope for ya tex.


Yes, Ank, many times they do that here too, but I'm thinking that this year, since they're starting to get a small tinge of color, that we may have a real autumn. Thanks.


Love it Tex, you better keep it that way. Here the leaves start to fall, without coloring. And there are still trees beautiful green with all there leaves.


Lookin' good! Thanks, TS!


P.S. Gemstone, just wait till you're under 3 feet of snow, I'll post my Hibiscus in full bloom! LOL


I know! Ha, ha! I want fall foilage so bad I'll grasp at anything...


Giggle...where? It looks like Fifty Shades of Green to a northerner. LOL

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