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Cucumber/Viladia Onion Salad


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I agree, Brie,these sugar substitutes can be dangerous in their (unknown and untested on humans) side effects. Maybe a touch of honey, CM, that's very good for you. Cleopatra had honey, you know. I use it rather than sugar, mostly. But your lunch looks so fresh and self-disciplined. You put me to shame with my courgette omelettes!


I don't want to be a scare-monger over the sucralose but any chemical alteration to natural foods does seem wrong. Yes, the poor creatures they test on would be given far more than that which we would consume, but putting what is basically chlorine into my body, pretending it is sugar just didn't sit well with me. There are good natural sweetening alternatives which are much better for us. I haven't drunk a diet soda or bought sugar free foods for 6 months I was that concerned.
Marmite is awesome!!


Thank you for all this info Brie. I will check it out.


Marmite - a truly British institution! Marmite is dark brown-colored savoury spread made from the yeast that is a by-product of the brewing industry. It has a very strong, slightly salty flavour. It is definitely a love-it-or-hate-it type of food.
I love on hot buttered toast it but it must be spread very thinly. People who are late coming to the Marmite experience usually slather it on and it is then too salty and will almost feel like it has burnt your mouth. If you like savoury you should love Marmite. Cats like the taste too. My gorgeous Pumpkin passed away with the taste of Marmite; she had given up eating and the morning the vet came to help her pass over, I gave her a smear on my finger which she licked with great gusto...

I love the look of your cucumbers but the addition of Splenda worries me. Even following WW I would use a little sugar. The following (one of many on the Web) article about sucralose and Splenda is disturbing and it actually prevents weight loss!
BTW - Aussies think Kraft Vegemite is a better product - similar to the rivalry over cricket!! LOL!!


I don't know what Marmite toast is Brie. I guess I will google it.

Thanks cevas. There is sour cream in it. Does that count? : ) Sour cream, vinegar, Splenda and tarragon.


Looks good!! But you need protein! Thanks Chickie! : )


That looks so refreshing! I had Marmite toast...


Thank you aggie, morris and Gene.


Looks good Sandy yum :-)))


Looks good, chickie!


LOL Li! I didn't mention the grazing I do between meals.


I love fresh produce. That isn't enough to sustain life, though, Sandy! :-|


Thank you islandflyer.


Nice photo Sandy and it does indeed look good.


You don't like cukes Graci?

Thanks Dave and Patti.

Store bought Patti. No more veggie garden for me.


Always young man.


Just a light lunch young lady.


eat lots of onions,
thereafter sees your ass brown!


Yummmm! From your garden, no doubt! :)


YOu need to eat a little more than that, Sandy or you may not make it clear to the train next time! It looks really good, though!


Cucumbers? No! Viladia onions anytime I love them!


You had to ask, didn't you? LOL Two Sister Shubert rolls. I hang my head in shame. Thanks about the counter.


One of our faves! Did you have something else with that salad? Like....chocolate ice cream for dessert?
(LOVE the new countertops!!)