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Country Store - 1939

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Look at this country store in Gordonton, North Carolina, on a Sunday afternoon in July, 1939. How many Coke you see? Do you see the chicken, Chickie? Is that gas 22 cents a gallon?! Lots of cigarette signs! That's a kerosene pump on the right.


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This is a well-known WPA photo. Isnt it one of Dorothea Lange's? It should be credited.


Thanks, patsquire! The chicken is left of the picture at the bottom. Not sure if it's a chicken or a rooster! :)


That 22 means something other than the price of gas. When I was just starting to drive in 1962 gas was only 24.9 cents a gallon. So twenty three years earlier it couldn't have been anywhere near 22 cents a gallon. Nice puzzle four-grandkids. And no, I didn't see any chicken!


elevanfan, where in Alabama did you live? I grew up in Birmingham. We had a small neighborhood store a block from our house.


Thank you lydie, english101, ashantiataruka and waxwing.


Great photo! A real slice of life from a bygone era. I really enjoyed doing this puzzle!

Thanks for this beautiful photo. I love how it captures a slice of ordinary life.


I love the clarity of this photo. I don't have many that old B&Ws that are this clean and crisp. I had fun putting it together - thanks!


three coke signs???


Thank you pilley, gnt and Maryrob. Glad you enjoyed it.


What a beautiful picture,both the store and the friends enjoying each others company.Thanks Nana.


Love that pic Nana I see Chesterfields-Coka Cola-Old Gold-Texico-Camels-Scotch.....brings back a lot of memories Nana LOL


Great old photo, 22 cents a gallon seems like a lot for 1939.


Thanks, Naner. I do too. :)


Love these old photos!!!