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Figment 103

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108 pieces
88 solves
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  1. pianocatsandtea7:03
  2. jlovermyer8:19
  3. foxymoron8:55
  4. Shian210:13
  5. jals10:41
  6. twistid_lizzie11:33
  7. Schirl4511:36
  8. jbramble11:55
  9. jkh12:13
  10. Deaniebeanie12:46


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Goodo! Yep, quite chipper today, thanks ☺


I'm feeling much better, hope you are too ♥♥


Not good to hear, mate. Here's hoping you're recovering well.
Slow reply. Lost yesterday feeling crook myself. ♥ ♥


Great puzzle, Chrissie, Thank you. I would have solved it earlier but I've not been well, a couple of my health issues have decided to flare up. hopefully on the right track again.




Now there's a fine description! Thanks, Judy ☺


Chrissy, This looks like one of my dreams! Lots of color and fun, but makes no sense. lol
Thanks for a wonderful puzzle!


You are welcome, Sandy and thank you for your kind comment.

This was a really fun puzzle to solve. The colors and textures made it very enjoyable. Thanks. Sandy

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