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Marmalade kitties

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Our Pounce is a marmalade kitty with white chest and paws who I rescued at less than a month old in our College garden. He's a great character but also a special needs kitty - due to inbreeding of the feral cat population he has very thin skin and connective tissue problems, along with a badly undershot jaw and eyelashes that grow inwards. Because of the thin skin he looks very moth eaten from all the scars he has picked up over his 18 months of life. After ripping his whole side open and getting well over 40 stitches to put him back together he still tries to climb through the gate to our neighbour's. He also climbs our only tree he can get up to see if it is remotely possible that he can catch a bird in the branches. Tag knows his place - under a pink paw - and he stole my husband's heart within an hour of my bringing him home. He pounces and bounces through life with great elan.

There are many more ginger pusses in the puzzle. I hope you all enjoy some ginger marmalade tonight.

Credits: Robert Kaufman Fabrics, Moonguitar on Dreamstime, kbab fabrics, SewLaVie Fabrics, Quilting Treasures, Dan Morris, David Textiles, Elizabeth’s Studio, Ginger Oliphant for StudioE, Timeless Treasures, Keith Kimberlin for Elizabeth’s Studio, Irina Garmashova, Windham Fabrics, Alexander Henry, Deposit Photos, Amazon, 4my3boyz, Cotton + Steel
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It's really sad when that happens Peahen, especially when you know this is the last one for you. We just have to treasure the time we have with them. They add such joy to our lives. You must feel quite heart sore at the moment. Bless you. Jayne


I have constantly had an orange cat since I was single in my 20's. I just had to have my last one put to sleep because of serious illness that the vet said he would not recover from. At my age now, I am not considering another cat, but I certainly miss my orange ones. I still have a tuxedo cat, but she will be my last one.


Thanks Dudi and Denyce - they are adorable kittens. Jayne


Love the rainbow unicorn kittens**


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