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Bouquet Butterfly

49 pieces
64 solves
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Thaaaaaaaanks, Rosie! LOL! I tried it with my usual dark backgrounds, but it's dark itself, so I wanted a strong contrast--I'm glad you liked my choice! :-)))


OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!! I love this one! The colors are so different and pretty and the yellow background is magnificent. It wouldn't work with most puzzles but makes this fly pop!


I was wondering if they would speak to you (hear to you?), Lela--feel free to incorporate them into your ear wardrobe.........

Thanks, whatnauts--have fun, and just remember not to press this too hard between the pages of your bookmarks...! :-)))


This is an interesting butterfly - I think the large version will be in my future!! Thanks, PD :))


A beautiful pair of ears indeedy................


Thanks, Jan, Edie, and Ardy--I'm glad you liked my bouquet (of mussel shells and ears) butterfly! LOL! I swirled and did a negative of the colors to come with these shades, and I thought the yellow made for a nice contrast. (I only recently started using the "negative" program on LunaPic. I had always assumed it made a black-and-white version of the image. Then I finally TRIED it, and discovered it changes the colors to their opposite on the color wheel. Slow learner, anyone?! I guess that's why I still keep finding new ways to use LunaPic and Paint...LOL!).


It makes a lovely butterfly, Pat. (Although I thought it looked like a pair of ears.) Thanks. Happy Mother's Day to you.


Very nice Pat, and it looks great on the yellow background. Thanks


BEAUTIFUL! These are the prettiest mussel shells I have ever seen! Thanks, Pat!