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St. Patrick's Day Colors

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You're right, Jan. It IS Duck colors. Not being a fan, I never put two and two together.

Barb, thanks for asking. I'm not over the virus, although by now I should be. I'm in the midst of some testing, but so far everything's come back normal. CT scan is on Friday. Norton's pretty much the same, still has trouble walking and I have to be very careful how I pick him up. He's been on Neurontin for nerve pain for almost a week; it takes two-three weeks before signs are noticeable. But his appetite is still the same ferocious appetite he's always had, and still inhales his food without chewing it. That's my sign for when he's well or not, and that'll be my sign for the future. When he no longer wants to ravenously eat, I'll know it's time.

Kathy, I had been meaning to ask you about that, but didn't want to pressure you. I'm so glad you finally purchased it, and I'm glad to have been of help. I really didn't do much, just find a couple of links for you. You did all the work.


It's bright! It's cheery! It's "Duck" colors! What's not to like? Great puzzle, Gail!


Gail, the thumbnail on this one doesn't do it justice. Not only is it delightful but was fun to put together!!!! It had that magical flow :-))))))

Oh, I also wanted to tell you that I finally ordered a laptop desk last night! Remember you did some research and gave me a several links to check out? Well, I actually purchased the AirDesk, one of the links that you gave me, and it ships out today. I just wanted to let you know that your efforts to help really did help!!! I can hardly wait for it to get here!!!! This darn laptop can really really get hot while using it and makes it very uncomfortable to use. I almost believe that it has nearly baked my legs. As of late, I have been using a stack of books in my lap or even a small box in an effort to get some relief but you end up shifting and sitting into some odd positions. I had even tried pillows and a blanket, but it has to be able to breath and cool itself from underneath and anything that blocks the fans isn't good. So.......a bigggggg THANK YOU for finding me a wonderful solution!!!!!! Kathy


I agree with Deborah and Kirsten, a lovely puzzle, Gail!
Do hope you are all over the effects of that nasty virus? And how is Norton doing? :-)


I'm so glad you liked this one. I liked the results as well if I might say so myself!


I'm with Deborah!! It IS lovely. Thanks very much!! :)))


I really, really, really like this one, Gail! It's gorgeous!!! :)))