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Magenta Bars with Orbs ...

36 pieces
62 solves
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Doing pretty well, Sally. Playing pool on Thursdays now and the real practicing will be starting soon. Taj Mahal is finished (I hope).


I thought the orb looked like a really fancy eight ball.... I can't keep up either... So many fun things to do... Then throw in a few 'have tos', like shopping and eating and sleeping.... There is just not enough time for everything, moving at the speed of oldth... Barely get the emails read any more.... Sure having a good time though.... Hope all is well with you.... :) :)


Thanks so much Fay... Glad you enjoyed it.... :) :)

That orb is rollin' right along. Can't keep up. :) Lovely colors.


Another goody, thanks Sally


You're welcome pkin.... :) :)


Another purple one great thanks Sally


Thank you Adriana... Two more months till Christmas.... It won't be long... Maybe this could be wrapping paper.... :) :)


A get a Christmas feeling


Thanks Shirley, orbs and shades of purple... Just can't resist.... Off to try and catch up on bookmarks... We did go to the Waroona Show Saturday... All it did was rain, then it rained some more... No Lumber Jill competition this time... We did have a lovely drive up and back.... Maybe next year.... :) :)

Thank you Ank... Good to know you liked this one.... :) :)

Sorry mate, its a dry bar.... BYOB or G in your case....


I see a Christmas ornament. I see magenta. I see the bars. But where are the drinks on the bars???


Very lovely, thanks


Love the sparkle in the orb, very pretty magenta bars, Thanks Sally.:) :)