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Vino - Our grapes under the snow for Angel

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Thank you, Francine, thanks puzzle we know how is the weather around the all world, is not it beautiful? Hopefully it will soon be spring and turn the heat. I wish good morning, I think, rightly so :-))
Dekuji Francine, díky puzzle víme, jak je pocasí na celém svete, není to nádhera? Snad bude brzy jaro a zase teplo. preji dobré ráno, myslím, je to tak správne :-))


Hi Ardy, I'm glad you have heat, hopefully soon we will see in our spring, thank you, I am glad, you like it.


Jana, také za studena v Ontariu, Kanada. Vcera v noci to bylo -17 °C a na chvíli je to
asi -7 °C.
..Also cold in Ontario, Canada. Last night it was -17ºC and at moment it's around -7ºC.


Your snow looks beautiful, Jana. I'm glad I do not have any in Maryland, USA. It is cold and windy today but sunny and no rain. Thank you for a lovely picture. Ardy


Hi Angel, it's the same here, a week ago it was warm, now two days it snowed and -4 C, tomorrow should be -15 C. I go to sleep, I wish a nice rest of the day :-))

Beautiful, Jana. Looks like our snow has finally reached your house. Tomorrow it is supposed to be about 52F/12C tomorrow, but next Tues. it is supposed to be 8F/-14C one night! Brrrrrrrr! Our weather changes about every 15 minutes. :-DDDD Nothing stable about it. Good puzzle. Thank you.


Lovely Jana. We have about the same temp. -3 C + 23C. How is your temp Denise? Hugs friends


-4 C outdoors, at home inside 23 ° C thank you Denice.


It sure looks cold Jana. Hope you are keeping warm. Thanks for Picture:-)