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A 'dikke DAF' (big DAF). A former army vehicle. Now used as camping car, and to pull the caravan

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I saw this on a campingsite
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  1. kamikazekalle3:43
  2. kygaso3:58
  3. Ianto4:02
  4. MCBUGBAR4:03
  5. alias2v4:04
  6. griffjohn4:05
  7. only_me4:08
  8. douglasd4:28
  9. Googly4:34
  10. jojoreel4:42


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Ianto: Me too!!

Griffjohn: :))))

Docdee: You are absolutely right!!


It would look good to be used on Mars when they get there.

Conveniently, there is one provided!

I would need a ladder just to get into it.


Then the man on the camping site gave me the wrong information!
Sorry for that!

This looks more like a Volvo TGB11 (civil name C303) than any dikke DAF that I has seen.

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