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And who has seen the moon, who has not seen
Her rise from out the chamber of the deep,
Flushed and grand and naked, as from the chamber
Of finished bridegroom, seen her rise and throw
Confession of delight upon the wave,
Littering the waves with her own superscription
Of bliss, till all her lambent beauty shakes towards us
Spread out and known at last, and we are sure
That beauty is a thing beyond the grave,
That perfect, bright experience never falls
To nothingness, and time will dim the moon
Sooner than our full consummation here
In this odd life will tarnish or pass away".

The poem in Today's Daily Jigsaw Puzzle is titled "Moonrise" and was written by English novelist, short story writer, poet and essayist D. H. Lawrence (1885 – 1930) ♥

In Today's Daily Jigsaw Puzzle, we see a glorious moonrise above the horizon of the Baltic Sea ♥
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  1. yosshiofficial2:43
  2. jmd272:50
  3. JG5463:16
  4. alhha3:17
  5. kernow3:29
  6. wujaszekdolf3:29
  7. navyblue3:34
  8. Tdot3:36
  9. mefmouse3:51
  10. pitschedabber3:54


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beautiful, thanks

Stunningly beautiful - both the photograph and the poem.


Love it all. Thank you. 3-5-24

I love both the scene and the poem---both are 'moody' and have real atmosphere.

didn't notice the birds at first

Stunning picture, thank you.


Gorgeous! Thank you!

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