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You've got to keep your tongue clean! :-))

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This Hoverfly (Blinde Bij) was 'washing' it's tongue after having enjoyed going 'round' on the pollen of my Gazania flower! ☺


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Glad you like it, roseheather, thank you so much! ♥


Beautiful color in the Gazania. Nice capture of the hoverfly's daily ablutions. : )


That's the spirit, Ginni. One day it will happen, I'm sure. Perhaps the blue dragonfly has brought you luck! :-)


I'll keep taking photos of insects on flowers and hope to find a hoverfly some day. I might be lucky; a blue dragonfly landed for me today and I've been watching them flit about for months! :-)


Thank you, Ginni. I can't imagine there are no hoverflies at yours. I too used to see them all as bees. A wasp I can pick out right away (and I'll run a mile when it comes too close). It seems the eyes and the wings give away whether it's a hoverfly or a bee! :-)

Thank you for the compliments, Pammi, it was fun watching it 'wash' its 'hands' and tongue, this close! ♥♥♥♥

Thank you, Lynetteoz. They are harmles and don't sting and they come in a large variety....I'm not that scared of a bee or bumble bee, but a wasp is another story, they'll always come for me (for the scent of my eau de toilette/perfume I guess) and I'm really scared to get stung, I know how that feels.:(


Gorgeous flower Impie. I have seen these hoverfly's that look a bit like bees and now I know what they are. All bees and wasps totally scare me (a lot) so maybe I will look a little more carefully next time I think I see one :-)


Impie, what a beautiful picture and the clarity is brilliant. ♥♥♥♥


Great shot! I know we must have hoverflies here, but I've never seen one. All of mine really are honeybees -- schutkleur gave me pictures and pointed out the differences. :-)


LOL, GG. Yeah, perhaps it's better this way, we wouldn't want him to get a big head! :-)))
I'm glad you enjoyed the photo, thank you!


Little did this busy bee know it would be famous on Jigidi! A great photo, Impie!! Thank you!


LOL Ella....I guess his/her tongue got a bit sticky! :))

Made you smile, didn't it, Faye? :)))

Thank you, nillie. This Hoverfly was enjoying the pollen of this flower in the pergola planter, so it was easy to get closer and closer with my camera, it let me take several photos! !! I'm glad you enjoyed the Cosmos too!:-)))
Good night, thanks!♥♥

It was fun watching it busy, Anne!:)




Very beuatiful...I am trying to figure out how it was taken but I can't :-)))
Thanks Impie, for the amazing white Cosmos as well!!
Good night♥♥




Yes, that's right! If you don't keep your tongue clean, it will be hard to taste all the other kinds of pollen you sample.