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Thanks for sharing. Here is your html-code:

Why are you reporting this puzzle?

My cat Will steps on the numbers of the keyboard & I usually have to fix something. The filename of this photo used to tell me where it was from. Will renamed it.

See comments below for identification.
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  2. TaDah0:11
  3. era40:12
  4. Ianto0:13
  5. evielou0:14
  6. glenestele0:14
  7. Micky20020:14
  8. mlp10:14
  9. caanan0:14
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I miss you to Sharon, your photos and your wonderful comments. Hope your safe and happy out there.


{{SMile}} miss you.♥


Thats impressive how he got the jpg, correct! :-)) Nice to see you Sharon!!


Thanks Micky - Anytime you need a 3, 6, or 9, he'll put it in for you. Those are his favorites.


Thanks for the info, Jlou. I'll keep the puzzle name, but I'm happy to be able to credit the source.


Yes they are, BreezyOne, and thanks for the identification. He's on his way either to occupy my lap or to sit between me and the computer monitor and talk about his next meal - the one that's always due now.


Woowoof aunt Sharon that's a funny river with a great name, Will must be a real joker☺ Have a bowwow day, lovely licks♥


I did a google search the title would be: St. Johns River Water Management District,
it didn't mention what state. I just now looked this up:
The St. Johns River is the longest river in the U.S. state of Florida and its most
significant for commercial and recreational use. At 310 miles (500 km) long, .
Does it run thru other states? You can do a google search and ask what States does this
St. Johns River go thru or just put Florida. You could go to Wikipedia and add some info
about it from there, and if you do, give them the credit.
This below is the first thing I found to show proof as to name:
".... wallpaper images are provided by the St. Johns River Water Management District for your personal enjoyment...."


I was wondering why the title was like that. BrightSky9.
1. Go to the bottom of your screen
2. Go into "My Puzzles"
3. Find this one in "My Puzzles"
4. Go to the working box, that you originally filled out
you will see this title that your cat somehow created.
5. Delete
6. Give it a new name, what ever you wish it to be, if your
not sure and you can't think of one type in "State Water
Resources Department Possibly South Carolina". Someone
will come along and tell you one day, if they recognize it
what the actual name is, then you can again go to the
bottom of your screen to "My Puzzles" and change the
title again. This should work for you, it has for me, but I
don't have a cat. jlou


WHEE, CATS JUST LIKE TO HAVE FUN!! From a Google Image search : "Florida’s longest river is a liquid chameleon. During its slow 310-mile journey, the St. Johns River morphs from a marsh in Indian River County into a broad waterway with expansive views as it flows to northeast Florida and into the Atlantic Ocean." I never heard of it; thanks, BrightSky9.


Yes, he is, Laura. Thanks for visiting.


Your cat is a funny one, Bright Sky!

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