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How I Met Your Mother

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The Royal couple of Nigeria have a pretty interesting and rather filmy first date story.

Prince Adekunle "Kunle" Adebayo Omilana from the Arigbabuwo ruling house in Nigeria was not expecting a relationship when he met his future wife 16 years ago. The Prince was in New York for business when he saw Keisha Omilana, who was standing outside the W Hotel. Keisha was trying to find her way to a model casting when Kunle abandoned his meeting and walked up to her to ask for her number.

For their first date, Kunle rented out a Brazilian restaurant. The Royal Prince had to display a grand romantic gesture; however, Keisha was oblivious to his true identity. Speaking to "Insider," Kunle said that the restaurant told him it was going to cost a lot of money, but he didn't care. Kunle asked the restaurant to put rose petals on the floor and set up a romantic decor. The aim was to make it look like a date but feel like a proposal.

Keisha was quite taken aback by the gesture and got nervous. Keisha's jitters even led to her accidentally knocking things off the table, according to Kunle. The Nigerian Prince told Insider that it was the way Keisha carried herself, her kindness that blew him away.

Keisha eventually discovered that Kunle was a prince, after two years into the relationship, when she met his mother, who called her "my princess" when they met. They sat down and she told her the story of who her son was, what his name means, where he came from. Keisha was astonished.

The royal couple got engaged from that moment on, and tied the knot on January 28, 2006, at The Water Club in New York. They now have two children together.
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I think they gave up on the banking scams and moved on to selling solar panels...


Please be careful if you get a call from Kunle or Keisha asking you to invest in their company. It didn't mention how he made his money, but we know that Keisha probably still doesn't know what he does for a living.


How romantic! :-))dj


He is quite the handsome prince, too.


I noticed, Fiona. :-)))


@hippo - The prince must be as humble as a sloth!!

@ParsonWayne - Did you notice that I waited for YOU to make a joke about it? That title up there ("HIMYM") was very carefully neutral. Lol!

@KittyCounselor - I haven't seen that movie, but I hear it's hilarious.

As I understand it, Kunle is rich, but probably doesn't own his own version of Buckingham Palace. So he didn't have a castle to bring her home to.

A BBC article says, "No-one knows the number of monarchs in multi-ethnic Nigeria but there seems to be one ruling over every inch of land, often putting them at loggerheads with the politicians who have constitutional authority." ("How Nigeria's kings lost their power," by Nduka Orjinmo, 22 March 2020)

Telling her that he was a "prince" might have led to her laughing at him, if she were politically astute. But I doubt it. No wife would object to such news and treatment!

I copied and pasted from some plagiaristic "news" site that allowed me and my ad blocker to read it. I don't know why the story is news at this time, but it IS cute.


When everyone called him Your Highness, she thought it was just a nickname. Shades of Coming to America, one of my favorite movies.


She offered me a lot of money if I would just send her some of mine. I will be rich!!!


Two years? And she had no idea?


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