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I'm so excited, there will be color added.


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I agree with you nanapuzzler this would make an amazing tattoo....


I'm still here, just not as often lately. Raising chickens for the 1st time and a huge garden.
This is an awesome drawing and will be a great tattoo*!* At 73, I've never even had my ears pierced.


Dawnicus, I have my youngest dog on my arm. He goes everywhere with me too LOL. Dogs and tats, two of my loves.


Hey Daeferedir, that is way cool, very good idea, paw prints . I have my dog tattoo on my back shoulder , that way he goes everywhere with me. Will show ya tat when it's done.


Very nice tat. I hope you show it to us when it has color. I have 5 tats and plans for 8 more (new ones will be paw prints for each of my dogs in the size and color to match each dog)

That is pretty. I am not fond of tats but if I ever got one it would be bright red lips on my aaa, ummm, "get along"!!!


I have heard they are addicting from everyone that has one. I'm not fond of needles and tats are not in my budget. I have seen some beautiful ones though.


Thanks :-) Isaly . They are addicting :-)
Hey Nanapuzzler you still with me???
Hope you all are doing good. Be safe.
And let the ANGELS FLY all around to keep us safe.


I normally don't care for tattoos but this would be lovely for one. You are so talented. TFP ~ Cyndi