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Making a New Friend

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  1. lulu224:44
  2. sheenpeen5:01
  3. drini5:01
  4. Jonigirl5:14
  5. FJ475:34
  6. promise5:34
  7. dakotablondy5:41
  8. Pecloca5:46
  9. hgmathis6:02
  10. crashman6:18


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Thanks for taking the time to let me know jana68 (Jana?). You are so sweet and I'm so glad you enjoy my little corner of Jigidi. It truly is an honor for someone to follow me. It humbles me. So glad you stopped by and you have a great day, too. Hugs! :0)

This is quite nice. I, too, love the bright colors. We have many ranches like this where I live in norther California. Love your choices of puzzles. I have followed you for quite some time. Almost know when they are yours without looking!! Have a great day and thanks!!


Hi Jeri. That was a good idea to put both together. It made a great name! I live in the most liberal state in the country. :0( Massachusetts. I'm fortunate to be living in my parents home that they willed to me so I'm out in the country (not like you though). I have horses on one side of me and a golf course in the back of my house. My dad used to own 33 acres of the land which he sold to them. He used to farm but little farms were being shunned back in the 50's for the bigger super markets. He had 5 kids to feed so that paid off the house and he became an electrician. So now you know a bit about me. (so does anyone else that comes in here) LOL.


I lived in TX on the Bar8 Ranch....hence the bar8... but have since moved here to be closer to my
2 sons and their families.


hi, Annie.. My name is Jeri. I live in Las Vegas, NV.
Where do you live?


What is your name jeribar8? I like to be personal with those who I talk with and you have been here quite often (thank you) and it would be nice to address you with your true name. (that's if you want to give it out. I would understand) :0)


Donna and Ginger~it's always a pleasure to see you in my little corner of Jigidi. Jeribar, yes I do believe that the bright ones make for a great puzzle. I sure like to solve them (others on here, not just mine). Some people in here have wonderful puzzles so it makes me happy when someone follows mine!! Thanks to all of you.


Believe it or not I surf so much, I should be living near an ocean!! LOL. Some sites aren't even in English. It's no wonder I have to take my computer in once a year and have it clean. Glad you like them, my friend. Thanks for stopping by~hugs.....


I just love this picture Annie! It's so bright and colorful plus it has a heartwarming touch. I believe you have found a site that I haven't seen because I have seen quite a few pictures on your site that I haven't seen before. ☺ Hugs


An enchanting puzzle Annie. Loved it. Many thanks my friend, Hugs ♥ :o)))


Thanks, Annie for all your colorful pictures.
It seems like the bright colors get worked the most.


So pretty and colorful. Also, very sweet. Thanks for sharing, my friend.

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