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  1. javasage45:55
  2. mjbenja1:54:23
  3. danimayers1:56:16
  4. mikegib992:03:33
  5. abbu2:41:29


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Thank you Java,
I implore all those effected my roseheather's unwanted despicable actions to speak up and voice your concern / opinions to Stefan & Magnus. If enough people speak up then surely Jigidi will see that the havoc this ONE person is creating in the disruption of others enjoyment will be dealt with in the appropriate manner. My personal hope is that she will be banned from the site but at the very least I hope her nonsense will come to an end once and for all, as this has been going on for months & months now! PLEASE EVERYONE SPEAK UP & VOICE YOUR FEELINGS ABOUT POSTINGS BEING ZAPPED FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN THE OPINION OF ONE INDIVIDUAL!


What is offensive about this to me is the narrow minded person who is selfishly interfering with many, many others enjoyment of a diverse and entertaining puzzle site!!! Find something else to do with your miserable life, roseheather!!!

darla, I am so sorry you have to spend your time and energy dealing with this kind of personal harassment! I keep my filter off and expose myself to FAR nastier pics than I should have to, just so I don't miss a GEM like this is lovely, tastefull, and I applaud your choice! Thanks YRH, I thoroughly enjoyed every single piece connected! ;-)))))


Thank you riveroad, you have just confirmed my suspicions! ROSEHEATHER!!! I have felt it was her for all long time so I added her to my favorites and sure enough, tonight she signs onto Jigidi and my posting disappear then she signs off, then signs on again to zap my postings again. As you know this has gone on at least 6 or 7 times tonight. If it happens one more time I'm going to start zapping her postings & well just see how she likes it!! I'm beyond tick at this point! In fact I am in the process of emailing Stefan & Magnus to list a formal complaint about her.


RH has cause problems for others before, she's the one who needs to be reported.



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