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Absinthe #8 - Antique Absinthe Spoons - eighth in a series

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Absinthe spoons are designed to perch a sugar cube atop the glass, over which ice-cold water is dripped to dilute the absinthe. The lip near the centre of the handle lets the spoon rest securely on the rim of the glass.
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oh, gee, thanks, um-



Mazy, you are a far better researcher than I. I look up several sites, then cut and paste. My mind won't hold it all anymore. Good job, you!


thank you all for your comments; I have more lined up but have not felt like posting lately.

It's really nice to know that people enjoyed them.

I usually use several sites for my research and rarely cut and paste my information, I like to look at many information sources and give something I feel is appropriate to Jigidi.

Thanks again for your encouragement; it helps keep me posting.




Very pretty and informative. I never heard of this so I googled. Thanks for the lesson.


@Mazy Great designs on the "ritualistic instruments." TFP

Great info and series. Thank you.


Each a work of art. Amazing info throughout your series, thank you.

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