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Bad Cat in a Basket

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81 pieces
167 solves
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  1. Earendilwasa4:15
  2. thewordwelder4:21
  3. Hollo4:42
  4. k1d24:55
  5. kimmeh4:58
  6. fitzw395:02
  7. Ckmiller5:03
  8. jensontab5:10
  9. lorijean55:20
  10. cuil5:25


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@GJDENT No, no, no, no, no, no. Black cats are not "bad". Do you know that in some countries black cats are considered very good luck? I consider ALL cats as good. :-D

A whitches cat is a black cat.


@GJDENT what is a witches cat?

163 is the number of solves when I solved it.

Witches cats are bad I think.


It does make me wonder why the artist gave it this caption. My favorite cat of all time was a very mischievous black cat. :)


LOL. I saw he title of this puzzle and I came here with the intention of saying "there is NO bad cat." Mrgoodboy beat me to it. Good job, dude! LOL


I know! That's the title this artist gave to the painting, so I assume she was joking. :)

There is no such thing as a bad cat !

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