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Celebrating Susie

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Susie, AKA Princess Short-In_the_Poop! (Read that tiny in stature)
Went to the Rainbow Bridge 6/7/2017
Susie joined my merry little band October 5, 2012 at the age of 9+. I'd seen her 3 days earlier at a big box pet store, sitting up straight with her back against the solid partition. When I went in to visit her, she curled up & snuggled.
Her prior guardian had died, and after checking with a friend who's aunt was a good friend, found out no one knew she has a cat! OKAY!
Susie was a wee one, about 5 pounds with a BIG GIRL Siamese attitude. She walked into the house with my big kids and said "SO WHAT!" It took her about 2 minutes to gain respect with a look! It really was fun to watch!
It took her 15 months to decide that snuggling on my lap was a REALLY GOOD thing. AND the first time I heard that distinctive Siamese "MEAOOORRW!!! it scared the bejeebers out of me and I wondered who was dying.
No one, Susie just had finally decided she wanted to speak! ☺♥☺♥
I miss her antics and insistence and know she is health, whole and playing with so many other friends at the Rainbow Bridge. She stays alive in my heart every day!
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Beautiful story and beautiful cat. It sounds like Susie was a great addition to your family. I am so glad she found her second home with you! Our white cat Sugar was a foster cat who ended up staying with us for 8 years. Like Susie, he was adjusting and accepting us the entire time we had him. What a blessing pets are!

Thank you, Sue! She's been there a year, but it still seems like yesterday. How are you doing!??? ! We never get over the loss of our 4-footed family members, just like the 2-footed! ☺♥
Hopefully you are feeling better! We miss you and hope you are back to full strength soon!


So very sorry your beautiful Susie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge Betty, I know how much you must miss her. You and your kids are in our thoughts. RIP Susie. Love & hugs, Sue, Milly & Willow xxx

We all wish that Carol! Thanks!


What a beautiful, lucky cat to have had you. I'm sorry for your loss. I wish our animals could stay with us longer. Love, Carol

You are welcome, Impie! It broke my hart seeing her so scared of the hubbub of the store. It took me 3 days to get her out of jail. The adoption coordinator's son got hit in the head playing a sport and had a minor skull fracture. The store manage intervened and got the okay. I was immediately out the door and she was in her forever home within an hour (20 minutes there and 20 minutes back)! ☺☺☺
As for where the time has gone, it beats me, but I remember as a kid the adults would make that comment and all I could do was scratch my head in amazement. It seemed to crawl, Christmas or summer vacation NEVER seemed to get any closer! LOL


Susie was a beauty and by the way you tell her story I can tell you love(d) her dearly. One year already....where has time gone....
(I just cannot believe it's already 9 months of Goofie!! ).....we'll never forget our babies and they'll stay forever in our hearts!
Thank you for sharing this lovely picture of Susie! ♥♥

Thank you all for your wonderful comments. She may have been small in stature but she never knew it!


Susie certainly looks happy in her portrait. I'm sure she was glad to have found a second wonderful home.


Thanks for sharing - you were both lucky.


Susie, what a delectably beautiful girl you were. How we all wish our beloved kitties could be with us forever. ♥♥♥♥♥

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