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Humming Bird Nest

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30 pieces
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Found in Yellow Bell Shrub
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  1. like921150:59
  2. berio1:08
  3. nedkelly1:12
  4. whizbang1:15
  5. mapletree1:16
  6. Ianto1:19
  7. idahodon1:20
  8. GrandmaJo1:20
  9. 08291:22
  10. parmeniun1:26


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I once had one in a rosebush and it looked just like this among the thorns. Interesting little bird, and the nest was just incredible. Thanks, nice post.

how awesome is that! did you find this on the ground? I have never found a nest anywhere, I do not know where to look, although I have hummingbirds at my feeders in the yard, and some time when I sit outside one will come close to me about eye level and just hang there for a few seconds.

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